General information

Leadership Club Dallas (LC Dallas) is about empowering us fathers to lead our sons to mature manhood. LC Dallas will help us have positive and effective conversations with them about critical topics such as using technology well and what makes an act good or bad? Each month the boys and dads will receive a talk focused on a particular topic lasting around 10 minutes. This will provide great material for further conversations between father and son. After the talk the boys will play organized sports led by the LC Dallas counselors. These mature high school and college age students will also serve as role models and engage the boys in positive character-building ways. During this time of sports the fathers will spend more time studying the topic. This will include ample time for discussion and fraternity. The afternoon will end with a snack. Due to the nature and purpose of the program fathers are expected to attend the monthly meetings with their sons.

This year, LC Dallas will also begin with a short five-minute practical class for the boys on an aspect of manners, for example, how to introduce yourself and shake someone’s hand.

Club meetings

Meetings will normally take place at the home of Rob and Alicia Hays at 101 Cottonwood Drive in Coppell, Texas and take place on the 3rd Sunday of each month from 2 to 4 p.m. We also want to facilitate longer outings and trips with fathers and sons, such as canoeing or hiking, that will be formative and fun.

2019-2020 meetings

What are the goals for the boys?

  • To hear critically important ideas for boys presented in an attractive manner
  • To positively engage with their dads on these topics
  • To become better friends with their dads and with other good boys
  • To help the boys practically grow in some concrete aspects of manners (new for 2019!)

What are the goals for the fathers?

  • To positively engage with their sons on critical ideas.
  • To receive a detailed and comprehensive understanding of important topics such as prayer and morality and help their sons grow in these areas.
  • To become better friends with their sons and other good dads.

Structure of monthly club meetings

  • 10 minute talk for the boys; the fathers also attend.
  • 40-minute talk for the fathers on the topic with ample time for discussion.
  • About an hour of of organized sports for the boys, led by LC Dallas counselors.
  • Concluding snack.
  • A priest of Opus Dei will be available for Confession throughout the afternoon, his schedule permitting.
  • For the course topics, click here.

Join Leadership Club Dallas

For a father and his son: $50 for the year; no cost for additional sons. To register, click here. We want everyone to be able to participate in LC Dallas regardless of ability to pay. So if you would like a scholarship to LC Dallas, please email Rob Hays (rhays@a​ Please also include the names of your boy or boys who will participate, the school they attend and their grade in school. To register, click here.

Try it out

To see if they are interested in Leadership Club Dallas, a father and his sons are welcome to attend one monthly meeting without joining. They should either come with a member of the club or, if they do not know any members, contact Rob Hays ahead of time.

For more information

Contact Rob Hays at rhays@a​ or Paul Hunker at